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"Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Your First Lash Extension Appointment"

Updated: Apr 29

a woman face with fluffy eyelashes

Let's be honest ladies! How many times you have come across a lady with nice full and volume lashes and you said you wish you had those lashes? As a woman, we know that with just a little bit of mascara, lash curl, or some strip lashes, your eyes can change dramatically. But mascara can give you panda eyes at the end of the day and putting on false lashes can take a long time. Lashes extension will be a solution for you if you want to achieve your desired look for your eyes and save time on makeup every day.

What are "eyelash extensions" and how do they work?

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure, in which faux mink lashes are attached to the natural lashes. Depending on the customer’s preferences, the extensions are designed to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

The technique to apply the faux mink lashes on the natural lashes can vary between different technicians. At The Sisters' Beauty Bar, instead of hand-made the fan before applying it on the natural lashes, we will apply one-by-one two or more faux mink lashes (depending on the style that the client wants) during this process.

What to expect before the appointment?

If this is your first time trying lash extensions, please read this carefully!

"We can only work on what you have"

The amount and the texture of your natural lashes are different from each other. Some are born with a long and thick texture of lashes. Some are born with thinner and fewer natural lashes. Lash extensions are applied faux lashes on your natural lashes. That is the reason why we can only work on what you have!

"The same style lash extensions on somebody else can look different on you"

Yes, you are reading it right!

The shape of your eyes can influence how lashes appear. Some lash styles may complement certain eye shapes better than others. Skin tone and facial features can influence how lashes stand out or blend in. Lashes can contrast well with the skin tone may appear more noticeable. The amount of visible eyelid space can also affect how lashes are perceived.

That is the reason why you and your best friend are all coming in at the same place and getting it done by the same person, with the same style, your lashes might still look different.

"It requires maintenance"

Lash extensions do save you time and effort on daily makeup. However, it doesn't mean that it can lash forever. Your natural lashes grow, shed, and replace themselves every six to ten weeks. That is the reason why the standard fill for lash extensions is around two to three weeks depending on how fast your natural lashes grow.

What to do before the appointment?

  • Research and find the style of lashes that you like: This will help you communicate better with the technician before the process.

  • Cleanse your lashes: The process using a special adhesive to apply individual lash extensions on your natural lashes. We would not want to have any product on your lashes or any dirt and that affects the outcome of the process.

  • Avoid caffeine: Caffeine can make your eyes jittery and moving, which can make it more challenging for the technician to apply extensions during the appointment.

  • Relax and enjoy: The whole process can take from 1 to 2 hours to finish depending on the style that you want. Lying on the bed, relax and enjoy the experience.

Ready to get your lashes done?

☎️ Call The Sisters' Beauty Bar at (206) 383 2067 or visit our website to book your appointment!

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