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Permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent Makeup also known as Permanent Cosmetic or Cosmetic Tattooing is a cosmetic technique in which the technician will apply the pigment into the skin to create a long-lasting makeup effect. This will help enhance your brows, lips, or eyelids. 

Permanent Makeup does not mean that it will last forever. The result can last several years. However, our skin changing over time can affect how long it takes for the tattoo to fade away. A touch-up is recommended over time to help maintain the desired look. 

ombre brows

Ombré Brow


Ombré shading is the newest trend in eyebrow semi-permanent makeup. It gives a soft-shaded brow pencil look. Once healed, it is more natural looking than solid color. It gives great definition and depth to the brows. Whether the client is looking for light soft shading or show-stopping bold brows, it can be customized according to the client's desire

nano shading brows tattoo

TS' Signature Brow  (Nano-Shading)



(Nano-Shading) uses the combination techniques of NANO STROKES and OMBRÉ shading to create the hair strokes- like in the front and shading blending from half to all the way to the tail of the brow. These combined techniques give you not just a soft-defined look but also good retention. Our semi-performance work lasts up to 3 years

lash liner enhancement

Lash Liner Enhancement


LASH LINER ENHANCEMENT is a technique that tattooing into your LASH LINER. Unlike the traditional "eyeliner tattoo" ( in which ink is embedded "above" the lash line. Lash Liner uses a small needle to create a dot and fill WITHIN and AROUND the LASH LINER. The treatment helps make your lashes APPEAR fuller and the white of your eyes brighter. This is a TWO PART SERVICE. After the initial appointment, we will see you back in 6-8 weeks for the $175 FOLLOW-UP Appointment. Results last up to 3 years

lip blush before and after

Lip Blush 


Lip Blush is the newest semi-permanent makeup trend that enhances the natural shape and color while camouflaging scars, paleness, and unevenness. Our signature technique uses a small needle and works softly on the lips to gently deposit color without creating a heavy line/border. Reasons why you should get LIP BLUSH: Create symmetry, Perfect your lip shape, Smudge-proof, Kiss proof, Food proof, neutralize hyperpigmentation, and Create an even lip color. Last up to 3 years

Eyebrow Treatment

Tattoo Correction and Ombre Brow


This option is best for those who have already had brows done years ago and the color has changed either to BLUE-ish/ GRAY or PINKS-ISH/ PURPLE. Before we can proceed to renew your brows with the OMBRE technique, We need to do CORRECTION first to turn the old color back to neutral. But this could only work when your old color has at least faded 50%, if much darker might need separate/extra procedures for correction to achieve the desired results. If not sure, please book a CONSULTATION appointment

Makeup Artist

Brow Consultants


Not sure which option of Brows appointment should you get? This consultation will help. Our consultation cost is $50 and lasts for up to 30 minutes. Would be free if you decide to proceed with your brows appointment, we will apply the $50 towards your brow service total. In the consultation: we explain how it's done, and what's involved and prepare each client for a procedure. There are many things the client must avoid before getting any PMU done. We kindly ask you to come with no makeup

For eyebrow tattoo appointment

Please contact Taylor at (484) 350-5008 for extended hours and booking

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